SLOW- on the upcoming EP „If I Knew“ September 2017

On the publication of the EP „If I Knew“ – 20 September 2017

SLOW’s EP „If I Knew“ is ready for release. With this exciting and conscious step forward, the songwriter, who hails from Brandenburg and lives in Berlin, interweaves minimalistic waltzes, melancholy ballads, pared- down textures and graceful soul to perfect and authentic original songs about love, family and social injustice.

Produced by SLOW and her band colleagues, the drummer Chris Farr (Johnny A), bassist Rene Flächsenhaar (Yvonne Catterfeld, Namika) and Sebastian Strahl, Piano and Rhodes „If I knew“ offers four of SLOW’s self-written songs.Musically speaking, SLOW makes its sound on the current EP by leaving space open; artful, self-assured yet feeling together. The subtly sketched character of this song selection presents the probably balanced, aural void in the interplay with small details, in which the earthy, decelerated soundscapes create a gently shimmering backdrop for the distinctively springy and velvety soft voice of SLOW. Titles such as „Believer“ or „If I Knew“ stimulate the listener with content and base the experience in richness and weight.

„The silent observation of life“ and „the recognition of patterns“ is the basis of the EP, explains SLOW. „In deceleration, a kind of auditory mindfulness can be used to reflect and transform experience“. SLOW, with her charismatic stage presence and history of fruitful collaborations with for example Johanna Borchert and Yemen Blues have performed at the Berlin Jazz club A-Trane, the Jena Philharmonic as well as many other venues in and outside Europe.

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