Cover der EP "If I Knew"

If I Knew


  • Release 2017
  • Genre singer/songwriter pop


Produced by SLOW, Rene Flächsenhaar, Sebastian „Ray“ Strahl and Chris Farr. All Songs written by SLOW, except „Dinah“ lyrics written by SLOW and Philipp Schulz. Vocals on all tracks by SLOW, keyboards by Sebastian „Ray“ Strahl, bass by Rene Flächsenhaar and drums by Chris Farr. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jens Güttes. Vocal production and audio engineering by Philipp Schulz. Picture by J. O. Evers. Design by Monika Sandkötter. Thank you so very much for making this SLOW thing happen. It means a lot to me. Thanks to my dear family and my lovely friends for your support, your understanding and your patience. I love you. This EP is dedicated to my grandfather Opaxel, I miss you. Thank you dear listener for your support. Let’s stay slow ***